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  • Assessments & Individual Treatment Plans
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  • Care and Recovery Coordination- Supporting you through your journey
  • Non Residential Withdrawl and Outpatient Withdrawal
  • Addiction Medicine Consultation- Specialist Pharmacotherapy Services
  • Mental Illness with Alcohol and/or Drug Use Support
  • Family Counselling and Youth Counselling
  • Groups, including Peer Programs (see list below)


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Are you concerned about your drug or alcohol use or someone who’s close to you?

Groups are available in the Eastern Suburbs through the Eastern Consortium of Alcohol and Drug Services (ECADS)


  • For individuals, partners and families affected by alcohol or other drug use
  • People concerned about a family members AOD use
  • Parents / Caregivers / Guardians concerned about children’s AOD use

Our Support groups are an opportunity to connect with others who are having similar experiences. They have an educational component and are a forum for you to share what is going on for you in a supportive space. Our support groups operate all year round in various locations around the state.

Please phone SHARC’s helpline on 1300 660 068 to find a program near you



Sessions:                    Call for details

Time:                            7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where:                         SHARC Alamein Neighbourhood Learning Centre

                                      49 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton, VIC

Cost:                             No Cost

Bookings:                    1300 660 068



Peer Support Group

Come along to Access Health’s peer support group run by people with a lived experience of alcohol or other drugs.

This is a place to learn from each other, find common ground and encourage each other in making positive life changes.



Sessions:                     Fridays

Time:                            10:00am – 11:30am

Where:                         Access Health & Community 378 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. VIC 3122 (Two minutes’ walk from Glenferrie Station)

Cost:                            Free

Bookings:                    P: 03 9810 30035


Family Drug Support Group

Family Support Groups provide understanding, education and support in the form of guest speakers, DVD’s, discussions and sharing by group members. Attending groups can reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, helplessness and shame. Everybody is welcome.

Group therapy sessions are below:



Sessions:                       Third Tuesday of every month     

Time:                               6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:                             SHARC Level 1, 9-15 Cooke Street, Clayton 3168

Cost:                                No Cost

Bookings:                       Contact the helpline on 1300 660 068 or 9573 1761



Sessions:                       Fortnightly on Thursdays

Time:                               6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:                            SHARC Batesford Hub, Batesford Road, Chadstone

Cost:                               No Cost

Bookings:                       Debbie: 0412 382 812


Family Drug Help Support Groups

Inspiro’s support group for families and friends affected by people with addiction is a free support group funded by SHARC. The support group will focus on the wellbeing of the family, learn about addictive behaviour, provide strategies to best cope with addictive behaviours, share stories and learn from each other




Sessions:                        1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Time:                               6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:                             Inspiro Community Health Service 17 Clarke Street, Lilydale, Vic.

Cost:                                Free

Bookings:                        P: 03 9738 8801




Other Non-ECADS Groups you may be interested in:

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Abstinence based group that follows a 12 step model, with a focus on illicit substances. Has one requirement for membership “a desire to stop using”.

Find a meeting at –

Online meetings available at -

NA Helpline: 9523 2833


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Abstinence based group that follows a 12 step model, with a focus on alcohol. Has one requirement for membership “a desire to stop using”.

Find a meeting at –

24 hour helpline: 1300 224 673